Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unique about Dharma Gurukul? What makes Dharma Gurukul different than other courses? What is the vision behind offering such courses? Who is involved in making the syllabus?

A systematic course designed with simplicity, clarity and purpose makes it unique. This course enables one to properly situate oneself in ones practices, without being dogmatic and fanatic.

It teaches the underlying unifying principles within the diverse branches of Hindu philosophy. The course is designed by a team of professors, monks and professional educators with over 20 years of experience in the field. The inculcation of projects helps people become realistic in their understanding of the Vedic principles.

What is the goal of DHARMA GURUKUL? What do I gain after completing this course ?

Clairty in faith, Purpose in life and Well-balanced mindset.

It facilitates one to become a intellectually empowered, emotionally stable and spiritually vibrant individual.

Is my child going to be taught about a particular sect or branch of Hinduism?

This course is about universal principles of Sanatan Dharma. It is NOT centered around one particular Sampradaya/pantha/sect. It contains all the common basic principles around which all diverse practices are centered.

This course will enable one to follow his choice of discipline without being dogmatic and fanatic. It harmonises the diverse branches of Hindu philosophy into a basic Dharmic framework.

What Scriptures is this course based on?

It is based on various scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Srimad Bhagawatam, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Dharmashastras fused together in various topics.

How do we know what exactly is being taught to the children and whether the content is authentic and appropriate? Can we review course material before it starts?

Yes. You can have a review of the course before it starts. There will be a review meeting with all before the course starts. However detailed discussions on the topics is for what the classes are conducted.

Can Parents attend these classes with children?

Parents cannot attend classes along with children. Learning and teaching is best conducted within a certain age group and a certain ambience. Hence the courses are designed and conducted in such a fashion.

Participation of parents along with their children creates a familiarity for children and restricts the building of relationship between teachers and students and thereby the discipline required to learn.

Do you have event insurance to cover Kid’s safety?

No. Kid’s safety is your undertaking.

What if I disagree with any specific topic that is the part of course? Can we skip that?

You are completely free to be present/absent for any topic. However certificates are based on credits and some minimum attendance. Please see the course details for that.

Do you provide any voluntary service projects for kids as part of this course? (Teen parents are more concerned about that as they get school credits for volunteer work)

Yes. We have a spectrum of projects. Projects are not limited only to a particular country. They can be done anywhere. We also have projects conducted by recognized and award winning organizations.

Can we offer donations to this program in addition to course fees?

You are most welcome for this noble gesture. This entire project is running majorly on donations. Fees are only a minor support to the expenses. Please see the “Donate” link for further details.

Where shall the collected fees be used?

Fees are used for running expenses of Dharma Gurukul such as websites, printing & publicity, communications, logistics, designing of courses etc. Fees are a small fraction of expenses. Without donations, we cannot function. Donations are most welcome.

Q Are you going to give a booklet or other material for reference?


Can I get refunds if I don’t like the course or if I leave the class after few weeks?

Registration fees shall not be refunded. However if anyone wants to opt out from a course, he/she can do so within 3 sessions and get refund minus registration fees.

Can you change the timings of the class or offer make-up session if I miss the class?

Make-u sessions can be done in case of certain urgent and emergency misses. The teacher and student can mutually work on a time.

Would I get more help or guidance if I have deeper and specific interest in certain topics?

Yes, for sure.